Jewelry care

Each of our creations is a story of travels, imagination, emotions. It is the result of a study of lines and elegance, capable of giving uniqueness to each jewel. Some of these are also made with precious stones, capable of distinguishing you and giving you a particular light once worn.

All our items are in 24k gold plated 925 silver, handmade by expert women, with passion and precision, in our atelier.

We pay a lot of attention to the details and quality of our jewels, which is why each of them is treated with a technique that helps to maintain its luster. Despite this, we still ask you to take care of it to preserve its splendor for longer.


We recommend some simple tricks that could make the difference:

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry on the beach, in the water, or playing sports. Salt or chlorine could spoil their color;
  • Remember that your jewels are also good for a little rest, so take them off before going to sleep. This way you will prevent your necklaces or bracelets from intertwining with each other;
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and detergents. Being chemical products they risk damaging the luster of your jewel;
  • Padded jewelry boxes are perfect for storing your jewelry, but individual plastic bags with an airtight seal are fine too. The important thing is that they are always protected from sun exposure, sources of heat and humidity.



    Occasionally dedicate a moment of beauty to your jewels too, because as you well know, over time they could lose their original luster.

    This is a natural process, not a product defect, which can be safely restored using a soft or specific silver cloth to carefully polish them. A great tool that will help make your jewelry shine if it has blackened over time.

    Don't forget to put them in order in your original jewelry box, bags or boxes. By doing so they will be perfect to be worn as soon as you want.



    Among our creations the most sought after are made with semiprecious stones. This is why their color and shape can vary, but that's what makes them unique and special in their kind, just like you wearing them.

    We at Alisia do not guarantee that the gold and rose gold plating of some models will last forever, as, as you well know, they are more fragile and likely to lose color over time.
    The speed at which the color fades depends on several factors, such as the pH of your skin. For this reason it is important that you take care of your jewelry also through our advice.